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Thank you for visiting our web site. If you live in S.C. and have been diagnosed with a tick-borne transmitted disease, or suspect you might be ill, please contact us!

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There have been 320,986 cases of Lyme disease have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control, 1980 - 2008 (07/26/08). There have been 8,647 cases of Lyme Disease Reported to the Centers for Disease Control for the year 2008 (07/26/08). Remember it is conservatively estimated that only one in 10 cases of Lyme disease is actually reported to the CDC - so there may have been at least as many as 3.20 million cases of Lyme disease since 1980 and 86,470 cases in 2008.

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The Lyme Disease Network of SC is a regionally based, nonprofit organization dedicated to Lyme Disease awareness and patient support. Its goals are:

1. Community education to include providing information to health care providers and patients. Public awareness activities are geared toward prevention and the understanding of Lyme Disease risks.

2. Generating financial support for Lyme Disease awareness and research.

3. Community support for patients and families with Lyme Disease by encouraging active networking and participation in support groups and volunteer activities.

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Lyme Disease Network of South Carolina

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